Shops Malta

Next time I go to Malta, I will make sure to bring some Kinnie home from there. Kinnie is the national soft drink in Malta and has this absolutely fantastic slightly bitter taste to it – oh, how I wish we could buy it here in Germany!

This shop has a wide selection of travelling luggages most probably the largest one of its kind. The salespeople were very nice, however beware of them. I bought a Samsonite laptop bag from this shop which torn up just after a month. I took it back to the shop for repair and after three months they told me that it could not be repaired. Although this bag comes with a three year warranty, it was never replaced.

Casa Castelletti Gallery deals mainly with gifts and souvenirs. Nevertheless the signboard (the words may be indiscernible to your naked eyes unless you magnify the photo) as depicted roughly in the center of our photograph above, listed the following items available in the gallery – Decorative Maltese Folk Arts & Crafts,Victorian and Modern Paintings and Prints,Glass and Ceramics,Sculpture, and Bric-á-brac, local crafts, gifts and souvenirs. As this is a tourist destination, prices can be expected to be a little bit more expensive.

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