Wintersport Holiday

Planing a wintersport holiday abroad?

Flachau is a small town located in the heart of the Austrian Alps, and is one of the top snowboarding destinations in the world. The town is home to a range of ski resorts that offer excellent snowboarding opportunities for both beginners and advanced riders. Here we will take a closer look at what makes snowboarding in Flachau so special.

Flachau is known for having some of the best snowboarding terrain in Austria. The town is situated in the middle of a large ski area, which means that there are plenty of runs and slopes to explore. The ski area is divided into several sections, each with its own unique features and characteristics.

One of the most popular sections for snowboarding in Flachau is the Absolut Park. This is a large terrain park that is designed specifically for snowboarders. The park features a range of jumps, rails, and boxes, as well as a halfpipe and a superpipe. The Absolut Park is suitable for riders of all levels, with a variety of features that cater to both beginners and advanced riders. Check Ski-Pro for all the snowboard lessons available in Flachau.

Another popular section for snowboarding in Flachau is the Starjet area. This is a large section of the ski area that features a mix of groomed runs and off-piste terrain. The Starjet area is ideal for intermediate and advanced riders, with a range of steep slopes and challenging terrain to explore.

For those who are new to snowboarding, Flachau offers a range of beginner-friendly slopes and terrain parks. The town has a number of ski schools that offer lessons and guidance for snowboarders of all levels. The ski schools provide instruction on basic techniques such as turning, stopping, and controlling speed, as well as more advanced skills such as carving and freestyle riding.

In addition to its excellent snowboarding terrain, Flachau is also known for its vibrant après-ski scene. The town has a range of bars, restaurants, and nightclubs that are popular with snowboarders and skiers alike. The après-ski scene in Flachau is particularly lively during the winter months, with live music, DJs, and parties taking place throughout the season.

Overall, Flachau is a fantastic destination for snowboarding enthusiasts, with a range of terrain and features to suit riders of all levels. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced rider, there is something for everyone in Flachau. And with its lively après-ski scene and stunning alpine scenery, it is the perfect place to enjoy a snowboarding holiday.

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